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Baeys is focused on aiding people to restore their balance from the inside out. Our products help you overcome everyday ailments like sleep, anxiety, and pain. We strive to use the highest quality of locally sourced, broad-spectrum, organic hemp and pair it with the most synergistic ingredients to augment the benefits of our CBD products.

Our Vegan and GMO-free products are made in Europe, in modern ISO manufacturing facilities, and they are third-party lab tested to assure the best quality. We are environmentally conscious, so we are constantly trying to reduce our ecological footprint. This is why we produce in small batches, we have no warehouse, no deadstock, we pack our precious goods by hand, and we have created a complete local supply chain. We are committed to keep trying harder and make changes as we grow.

We are committed to delivering the best products to you for a stress-free, fun-filled experience.

Our Products


Our strawberry flavored CBD infused gummies are the most fun and easy way to consume cannabidiol!

We source our organic ingredients locally, from ethical suppliers that share our principles.

Every dome is infused with 10mg of CBD, making it easy to consume your desired dosage. Baeys gummies have been developed to assist in balancing your endocannabinoid system, which helps to regulate the sleep cycle, manage anxiety, and promote a healthy digestive system.

We have carefully paired CBD with ingredients that provide nutritional value like Coconut oil, which helps with cholesterol and kills harmful microorganisms, but most importnatly, it maximizes the effects of CBD, and Anthocyannis, a natural colorant,  that has antioxidant effects.

BAEYS products are our answer to everyday craziness!

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