BAEYS CBD Gummies 10mg


Baeys CBD infused gummies are the most fun and easy way to consume cannabidiol.

25 delicious vegan CBD gummies. CBD: 10mg per Gummy. THC: 0% per Gummy

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Baeys CBD Gummies

Baeys Gummies are the most fun and easy way to consume cannabidiol, the times when finding high quality CBD edibles in Europe was Mission Impossible are over. Our Vegan and GMO-free products are made in the EU, in modern ISO manufacturing facilities, we also run third-party lab tests to assure the best quality.

CBD has a leafy, earthy taste that a lot of people (including us) dislike, especially when they have to consume it several times per day. And even though CBD oils come in a variety of flavors, they still have this hint of grass. If you were looking for something tasty don’t give up yet, CBD gummies are the perfect solution. If you want to read more about Cannabidiol, this post is for you.

Bonus, they are very easy to carry with and consume, plus it’s a tasty snack for when you are craving something sweet.

But do CBD gummies work?

In short, yes! But It’s all about the carrier oil!

The purpose of carrier oil is to increase the rate at which your body absorbs CBD. The higher the absorption rate, the more cannabidiol gets into your bloodstream, and calmer and more balanced you are.

And as Lizzo, very wisely, said: “All I needed was some coconut oil”. That is because CBD breaks down and is stored in fat instead of water, and you will find a saturated fat content of at least 80% in coconut oil. This is the reason why we are using coconut oil as one of the main ingredients for our CBD gummies.

So yes, go on and pour coconut oil over your entire life!

How do Cannabidiol gummies work?

They work in pretty much the same way as any CBD product does, delivering CBD being to your endocannabinoid system. Its absorption happens through the digestive system, meaning that the CBD will take a little longer to take effect.

This is not a problem as they still deliver the same effect and health benefits as other CBD products, supporting your overall well-being, especially with the synergy of coconut oil.

If you are looking for quality CBD gummies, look no further, Baeys is what you were looking for.

We use CO2 extraction to draw out the CBD before infusing it into our naturally flavored strawberry gummies. Our organic and vegan gummies, with broad-spectrum CBD, are also THC- free. That means we’ll ship them anywhere in Europe and you won’t have to worry about legal repercussions.


All our products are third-party lab tested to ensure that the levels of CBD indicated are always accurate.

You can obtain the third-party lab test for the current batch here.